Ebed Technologies Ltd.

Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to your Privacy

Ebed Technologies Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your use of our software or visiting our website is completely secure.

At present neither our applications nor our web site track any personal information of their users.

All communication with our web site is performed over an industry standard, encrypted protocol (called HTTPS). Attempts to uses a non-encrypted protocol are automatically transfered to the encrypted one.

Security of your Personal Information

At present Ebed Technologies Ltd. does not track any personal information regarding its customers. Our applications may track the following information:

  • WSTerminal communicates with the Web Socket services specified by the user, hence obviously sends its information to those services. Locally it will store session logs which are never shared with anyone and remain local to your device. All such information is easily reviewable and removable by the user.

Third Party Services

Ebed Technologies Ltd. makes use of the Apple App Store for the sale and distribution of its applications. As such any information the customer provides to the App Store is subject to the Apple Customer Privacy Policy.

Ebed Technologies Ltd. reserves the right to keep statistical data on the traffic of this web site. However, we do not track or record any personal information on or through this site. Once dismissed you will not see this message again.