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A simple utility for viewing JSON and XML in an automatically formatted view

The PrettyPrinter application provides the software developer for a quick and easy way to view JSON and XML texts in a standardized and formatted window. This is similar in functionality to web sites such as jsonformatter.org and xmlbeautifier.com, but is much easier to use. Essentially you just keep this application available in some corner of your display, then when you wish to "pretty print" some text, copy and paste it into the window. This will automatically format and display JSON and XML, and any unrecognized text will simply be displayed "as is".

But it gets better... Since this is a properly sandboxed application, you can have it safely and automatically track a file. Simply "drag and drop" the file you want to monitor into the utility window, and it will not only provide you with the formatted display, it will automatically start tracking the file for changes and display them. No longer will you need to repeatedly copy the text from your file, find the appropriate web site, and paste the text to see the effect of the changes. Now it can be automatic, saving you time and money.

But there is even more... This utility has been designed to act the way you have come to expect a Mac application to act, including the following features:

  • Zoom in and out to provide larger and smaller font sizes,
  • Colour selections appropriate for both "Light" and "Dark" appearance settings,
  • Automatically remembering window size, font size, and other such items from one session to the next,
  • File tracking using not only the "drag and drop" described above, but also via "cut and paste" of a file or via selecting it from the standard file selection dialog,
  • The ability to find and highlight text within the window, and
  • Optionally have the application automatically come to the front when the tracked file changes.

All in all, if you are a software developer who regularly deals with JSON and XML in communications or in configuration files, we think you will find this utility very useful. And all for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Other software in this series

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  • HTTP Monitor: Monitoring and testing HTTP requests

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